The Benefits of Using Architectural Roofing Shingles on Your Home

Maybe a change of season brings rain, which leaves evidence of a leaky roof. Although re-roofing can be inevitable, what makes architectural roofing tiles worth the additional material costs?

Modern laminated dimensional roofing products offer distinctive curb appeal. Architectural shingles have a 3D appearance that creates dramatic ripple effects along the sun-brightened shadows on your roof. It’s more than curb appeal. 3D roofing shingles are made with precision and craftsmanship. This ensures long-term protection for your home and the warranty backing of Owens Corning, GFA, Owens Corning, and other companies.

Traditional roofing shingles are made from ceramic-coated grains that have been bonded to a fiberglass mat and embedded in an asphalt base. New technology in synthetic slate allows for innovative crafting. Modern dimensional shingles can physically mimic the texture and contours of natural slate, wood, and other materials. The best polymer-composite home roofing solutions are architectural roofing products.

Guidelines to Ensure Quality Installation Of Your Architectural Roofing Shingles

A competent and skilled austin roofing contractor is the first step to installing a reliable roof system. Some products are not compatible with all roofing projects. Roof slope, structural conditions, homeowner expectations and homeowner expectations all need to be considered. A professional roofer will help you make the right decision for your project.

If you compare price-to–price and materials–to-materials, it is easy to see that the quality and durability of major roofing products are pretty consistent across manufacturers. Take, for example:

  • CertainTeed offers the Presidential ShakeTM TL as a simulated cedar roof product. It is designed with random slots to give it a unique character and simulate.
  • GFA offers the Grand Sequoia Ir as an architectural replacement for wood shakes. It is designed to look like wood but has the same impact resistance of asphalt shingles.

You can also choose from European clay tile, emulated slate and European clay tile. There may be differences in the installation specifications depending on the design and style. A roofer who is familiar with the differences between different products and which one is more appropriate for a particular roofing project should be chosen.

Many homes are unique. There are many types of roofs. It takes more than a good eye for curb appeal to choose the right roofing product for your home or business. A qualified roofing contractor can install reliable roofing.

Durability is assured by design

3D roofing products require a thicker selection of materials because of their design. Architectural roofing shingles are more durable than traditional asphalt shingles. This is often true according to the warranty. However, an incorrect installation can cause a warranty to be null. Make sure that your roofer is skilled and knowledgeable in correctly installing your new roof.

Expect a 3D roof that is comparable to traditional roofing.

  • More weight per pound
  • It is designed to resist wind damage.
  • Carries a Class A fire rating
  • Refrain from algal growth
  • AND comes in stunning designs that will enhance your home’s appearance.

CertainTeed and GFA offer homeowners the chance to install simulated stone or wood roofing shingles at fractions of the cost of stone or other wood products. It is possible to achieve the look you desire without having to reinforce your roof or spend triple the cost of installation.

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